5 benefits of using a CRM system

A CRM system is a Content Relationship Management system, and in real person speak, this is a great software package for managing your contacts. A CRM system has many benefits, which as a business owner you can utilise to help you with better time management, data tracking, sales leads, and analytics. 5 key benefits of using a CRM system are:

1. Clear your desk and get rid of your piles of business cards

If you're anything like me, and you attend a lot of networking events, trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, then you accumulate a great many business cards. (A friend of mine has around 600 sitting on his desk waiting to be dealt with.) You can use a CRM to input all of this data and help you cope with your growing/overflowing/unmanageable* pile of business cards. (*delete as appropriate)

2. Save money by using a free version

There are loads of CRM options out there, most with a free version if you want to try before you buy. Once you’re using the free version, there is no expectation or pressure on you to buy, and you can continue (as I do) to use it for its basic functionality.

3. Enter and keep track of a wealth of data

You can enter both company and personal details, link to social media profiles, create or link to e-campaigns, view analytics, monitor sales performance, assign tasks, create events and so much more.

4. Create and keep track of purposeful email campaigns

Depending upon which CRM system you use, you can:

  • link to various e-campaign software, and use your CRM to populate your e-campaign recipients
  • add 'tags' to both individuals and companies and use these for purposeful marketing e-campaigns
  • view your e-campaign analytics

5. Improve team working methods and time management

You can establish a calendar, assign tasks to yourself and to members of your team, and keep track of these tasks too. You can create sales leads both for yourself and members of your team, track these, and use these to compile tonnes of analytical reports.

Have I sold you on the benefits yet? What’s not to love about a free piece of time-saving software? Decide what you want to input, record, and analyse, and then google the best one to meet your needs. I use Agile CRM, but others include Asana, Capsule, Hubspot, Insightly, Salesforce, Trello, and Zoho. Happy CRM hunting!