I run both a day long interactive workshop based around time management and productivity to help you think about how you can better manage your time, and also offer each module as a standalone workshop.

During the workshops you will be encouraged to think about the kind of issues you have, and what strategies and techniques are most effective based on your personality and your working style, or that of your team as a whole.

If you would like to attend one of my workshops please click here to find out when they are running, or alternatively, you can contact me to book a private workshop for your team.

Goal Setting

In this practical workshop, we get to basics with really identifying your business goals, analysing how they fit into your business plan, how you can set smaller goals to help you to reach your vision, and then creating an action plan to get you there.

Prioritisation Techniques

In this practical workshop you will be able to tackle your current To Do list, and working in pairs or a small group, you will look at different prioritisation techniques, and will be encouraged to think about often difficult questions, such as how to delegate, how to say no to someone, and get to the route of why you procrastinate.

Tackling Your Time Management Overwhelm

In this practical workshop you will be really challenged to think about your time management, what issues you have, and then will have a chance to put into practice some different strategies and techniques to find a perfect fit for you.


I attended a time management workshop with Laura, what a lovely lady! Very knowledgable with great information and tips to help out everyone. Would highly recommend this workshop even if you do think you’re great with time management! Thank you Laura

Katie Lishman, Head to Toe Aesthetics, July 2019

Laura delivered a Time Management masterclass to a group of Solo business people (of which I was one) the course made me think about my time more previously and how to use it more effectively. would definitely recommend Laura to anyone struggling with their time management.

Dan Bowes, Mr Mixologist, April 2019

Attended a time management workshop by Laura yesterday and found it very helpful. Laura was friendly and approachable and the workshop was informative and full of great tips to help tame the dreaded to-do list!

Joanne Jobling, April 2019

I attended a workshop today, devised and run by Laura. It was both great fun and great use. I came away feeling much less overwhelmed and with some real, tangible tools which I intend to put in place. What was especially useful was the 'One-size-does-not-fit-all" approach, recognizing that we all work in different ways and find different tools of use. I'm more motivated and focused and feel I have achievable goals.

I would completely recommend Laura to anyone struggling with time. She is both a knowledgeable and approachable guru. Thanks Laura!

Hannah Wiggins, Singin’ Hinny, April 2019

I attended a time management and productivity workshop run by Laura and really enjoyed it. Laura is knowledgeable and has great ideas, hints and advice but at the same time has a clear understanding that everyone has different circumstances, responsibilities and priorities. Some workshops can make you feel overwhelmed but not this one, I have come away with clear and achievable goals. Thank you Laura.

Lorraine Reay, St Oswald’s Farm, April 2019

Laura is so knowledgeable and full of good ideas about streamlining and being more productive with your time. Highly recommend!

Catherine Muir, Catherine A Muir Interior Design, April 2019